Logistics Services

Procurement Logistics

Procuring Raw Materials and Parts

  • Procuring from suppliers the raw materials and parts necessary for processing;
  • Actively pursuing production by procuring the necessary materials in only the necessary amounts at the necessary times (the shift to just-in-time production).

Production Logistics

Materials Management, Distribution in Factories, Product Management.

  • The management of procured parts and materials, distribution inside a factory, product management and packaging.

Recovery & Recycling Logistics

Recovering and Recycling Products and Packaging

  • Recovery logistics or reverse logistics – recovers and recycles products and packaging that have fulfilled their role.

Sales Logistics

Delivery from Warehouse to Wholesalers, Retailers, and Consumers

  • Delivery the products through delivery centers and logistics warehouses or direct delivery from production sites to the necessary people in the necessary quantities at the necessary time.