Processes Consulting & Training

Expert Recare helps companies optimize system efficiency, throughput, reliability and minimize waste throughout the refurbishing process. We can provide solutions, training, and implement actions during the product refurbishment process. Cost, quality, and delivery are constant challenges facing every refurbisher. Expert Recare can help you find long-term solutions that improve processes.

How does the consultation work?

For companies who have completed the design phase, started the production but the results FG (finished goods) vs Scrap (WEEE) is not properly balanced (low percent of FG, high percent of WEEE), we can assist you in establishing all the necessary to improve the yields (flow analysis, WI, POS, training):


Does it make sense to outsource refurbishment management services?

Our consultants are highly sensitive to the “can’t see the forest for the trees” viewpoint, bringing outside experience that can have a positive impact. Our experience provides short-cuts to know how which leads to knowledge transfer to the plant team that goes a long way. We can provide solutions, training, and implement action items and our Client get an outsider’s view of his current product development processes and gain some valuable third party insights.

Understanding what is refurbishing consulting and how your company can leverage it can result in cost savings and improved efficiencies over time.